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Cervia bikes & boats on the Adriatic

Cervia – bikes & boats on the Adriatic

We've been visiting Cesenatico on the east coast of Italy every year since before Lucia was even born. We always stay at the same family run, Hotel Beau Soleil because they continue to make us feel so very welcome & provide everything we need for a restful holiday whilst keeping within our modest budget. We genuinely feel at home there now, making it difficult to...

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How to wear a Kimono style dress

How to wear a Kimono Style Dress

As we headed to Cesenatico from Bologna airport our driver from The Hotel Beau Soleil informed us of the fortuitous time we'd chosen to visit. Unbeknown to us it was Ferragosto here! Ferragosto, a celebration involving an enormous amount of food is on August 15. Originating from the Roman Empire to mark the end of hard labour in the fields. Later the date was adopted by the...

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everything you need for holiday natural sun kissed make up look | RCM

How to apply Natural Make Up Over 40

I'll begin by saying that anyone can use just the products I describe here for this simple every day natural make up. However your colour choices will be determined by your personal skin tone. Simply substitute my colour choice for yours & the overall result will be the same. Age on the other hand has absolutely no bearing on my Tutorial whatsoever! In other words, even though...

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Wearing Dodo Bar Or maxi wrap dress over jeans as Duster coat on RetroChicMama - Fashion over 40 & getting the most from your wardrobe

Wrap dress & jeans/The Duster look

If you haven't heard of Dodo Bar Or yet I'd be really surprised. Israeli designer Dorit Bar Or has finally hit the mainstream since launching her label 7 years ago. Some may say her current range of Boho dresses is reminiscent of Isabel Marant yet it reminds me more of my time spent slaving working on a Moshav in The Negev Desert. The tassels & heavy...

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