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How to wear all white over 40 - White blazer White skinny jeans Black clutch Black high heel sandals - details on

How to Wear all White Over 40

When the children were little I steered well clear of anything white particularly jeans. However now that they're not hanging off me so much & are at school all day I'm getting back into wearing all white. Although I must add the fact that we now have a dog has thrown a spanner into the works slightly. When I walked through the door after shooting...

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White Blazer with Denim Shorts - Marks and Spencer white top challenge by The Over 40 Collective Can 7 women over 40 find a white top

White Blazer with Denim Shorts

In my previous post about being a conscious shopper I mentioned Marks & Spencer's brilliant sustainability initiative - Plan A. So I was delighted when the idea for today's post was bandied about the office. When I say office I'm referring to the 6 fashion bloggers I share my days with via WhatsApp. Full disclosure - office is actually a laptop on my bed in my...

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Shoes for Life - Why should we stop and think befor we buy shoes EthicalSustainable Fashion & how to get more wear from buying less #30 wears slow fashion

Shoes for life – Eg 1. Prada

You're probably wondering what I'm on about - Shoes for life, what's she on about? Don't worry I'm not trying to get you to donate to a shoe charity or anything like that. I just wanted to talk to you about a problem we have called FAST FASHION. It's a relatively new issue & phrase come to think of it. Although I'm certain you've all heard...

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How to do perfect brows in 1 step using just a stencil and powder tutorial make up over 40

How to do Perfect Brows in 1 Step

A funny thing happens to our body hair as we pass the age of 40 & I don't mean funny haha. It stops growing in the customary places like our legs & eyebrows then re-appears on the chin, or worse out of a nostril! I'll never forget that fateful day when I caught sight of an enormous single hair coming from my chin. If it had...

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