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What is conscious shopping anyway

What is conscious shopping anyway?

You'll have heard the phrases "Eco Fashion" & "Sustainable Clothing" among other ethically led bywords for doing your bit for the Environment. However sometimes the Brands or Companies flinging around these phrases are deliberately misleading us into thinking that buying from them will make less impact on the Planet. Sometimes they're simply over-stating the ethical tag for dramatic effect & jumping on the Eco band...

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Easy styles with clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-In Hair Extensions may appear to be a lot of complicated faffing about but trust me they couldn't be easier to use. The reason is so ridiculously simple that at first glance I couldn't see how they actually worked! Do you ever do that? DOH! I'm old school hairdressing, so far back in time that I had to fly across the planet to L.A to learn...

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How to wear a pleated skirt in Winter

How to wear a Pleated Skirt in Winter

When a "new to me" look is trending I don't like to part with a lot money until I've tried it out on my existing wardrobe.  Sometimes I'm just not that into it & wonder if I'll wear the style enough to warrant making an investment. Obviously I could easily find a cheap as chips version on the High Street but most of those Brands...

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Christmas gift guide with a dfference

A letter to Santa at Christmas

Dear Santa, Now that the most powerful twat man on Earth has deemed CLIMATE CHANGE a myth & shaken my conviction to its very core, I thought I should re-assess my other mystical beliefs or non beliefs as it were. Science? PAH I reject you & your idiotic claims! Therefore I have come to the conclusion that YOU Father Christmas, your pal THE EASTER BUNNY and the...

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