A Stylish Italian Woman

Celine Royal Blue Phantom Luggage Tote

Celine Royal Blue Phantom Luggage ToteCeline Royal Blue Phantom Luggage ToteCeline Royal Blue Phantom Luggage ToteAsh Gold Stud ankle strap brown sandalsAsh Gold Stud ankle strap brown sandals


I met Stefy the first time we went to stay at Hotel Beau Soliel on the Adriatic coast of Italy. With a 4 year old & 2 year old I was exhausted at 42, I felt like I hadn’t slept in years! Having 2 babies back to back had left me looking & feeling a wreck so when I set eyes on this stunning petite Italian woman who welcomed us to the hotel I was in awe. Every day I was greeted by her beautiful smile & another chic outfit. Her shoes in particular always caught my eye but then one day when she was leaving early I caught sight of her handbag & my jaw dropped. She was carrying a Louis Vuitton Artsy & I couldn’t help but swoon “Ooh I love your bag!”. From that moment on we both knew we shared that unnatural yet not uncommon obsession with designer handbags.

This was one stylish Italian woman!

Obviously with a slight language barrier conversation hadn’t been too detailed up to this point but after this we just clicked & from then on all we talked about were bags. Since then we’ve been going to Beau Soliel every year & every year Stefy has a new “baby” to tell me about. Once, she & I tried to get away from the hotel for a day to visit our mecca that is the Prada Outlet called Space, outside Florence. Unfortunately one day her job got in the way & the next it was my children – damn those pesky kids! I have been to this outlet twice & it is quite good although you should go with an open mind about what to buy because it won’t have everything & some items will be marked down further than others. On the subject of outlets I highly recommend Bicester Village near Oxford if you’re in the UK. I bought my large taupe Prada bag there for £560 reduced from £1200 because it was the last of its style & I asked for a further discount on what it was tagged at. As my Dad always said “you don’t ask, you don’t get” plus a little travelling through the Middle East when I was younger taught me to haggle like a Bedouin.
So this year whilst staying at Beau Soleil Stefy kindly allowed me to photograph her with some of her treasures. Yes I said some, because there are lots more in her walk in wardrobe but these were my particular favourites (Balenciaga is always on my radar) although I probably should’ve shot the Birkin in hindsight. Oh well there’s always next year!
First up you’ve scrolled through her most recent purchase of the Celine Phantom Luggage in a phenomenal royal blue colour.


Cognac brown Balenciaga Part Time GGHCognac brown Balenciaga Part Time GGH

Cognac brown Balenciaga Part Time GGH
Balenciaga Cognac Part Time GGH

Black Balenciaga Part Time GSHBlack Balenciaga Part Time GSH

Black Balenciaga Part Time GSH
Balenciaga Black Part Time GSH | Dupe Sandals

You’ll notice I haven’t labelled the clothing, this is because it’s mostly from unknown boutiques or markets.

Stefy has a sharp eye for style & manages to pick up unique pieces from all over the place. This is a real talent probably akin to what we call mixing high street with high-end & although Italian women are no doubt very stylish I think it’s a rarity to have the ability to do what Stefy manages effortlessly. Cleverly chic women like her are almost always over 40 & can be found in every country although they are few, they are noticeable & I for one adore them!


Chanel Pink Lambskin Flap bag with Silver HardwareChanel Pink Lambskin Flap bag with Silver Hardware

Chanel Pink Lambskin Flap bag with Silver Hardware
Chanel Pink Lambskin Flap bag with Silver Hardware

Chanel Black Caviar leather Large Flap Bag with Gold HardwareChanel Black Caviar leather Large Flap Bag with Gold Hardware

Black Chanel Lambskin Flap bag with Silver Hardware
Chanel Black Caviar leather Large Flap Bag with Gold Hardware
Louis Vuitton Monogram Pashmina pink tones
Louis Vuitton Monogram Pashmina

Louis Vuitton Large Canvas Monogram Shopper

Louis Vuitton Large Canvas Monogram Shopper
Louis Vuitton Large Canvas Monogram Shopper

Louis Vuitton Large Canvas Monogram ShopperLouis Vuitton Large Canvas Monogram Shopper
Do you know someone who oozes style? That woman who always looks amazing, you know the one you’re always asking “where did you get that such & such from?”
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I hope you enjoyed my summer series, I’m looking forward to moving on to knits & boots. Please do pop back to see what outfits I have going into winter. Or better still pop your email in the RCM subscribe box in the sidebar so every post goes straight to your inbox!
See you soon,

M x

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    Lisa at The Stylopedia

    I want ALL of the bags! Especially that cerise Chanel one. She’s clever to buy so many completely different styles; I mean, the structured Celine couldn’t be more different from the Louis Vuitton shopper. I’m now inspired to switch my bags around more frequently; I tend to wear the same one for months at a stretch because I’m too lazy to move everything between purses! xx

    • avatar

      I know they’re all quite unique aren’t they Lisa? I really did have trouble choosing which ones to photograph for that very reason. I read in your blog that you have a couple of Birkins, I look forward to seeing those in a post sometime.

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    Fantastic advice from your Dad. I haggle whenever possible, especially at antiques stores and yard sales, where people just want to unload their belongings. I have serious wardrobe envy over here. Not only of those handbags, but also her clothes and shoes. Stefy’s got some serious style. Lovely post, Michelle!

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      It’s also quite fun to haggle but some people don’t think you can do it in a shop, it depends on the shop of course but I say why not have a go?

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    Ciao Michelle, and thank you so much for your post!! I felt like a real model!! I have a very strong obsession for bags….all bags, but I think that the best way to seem unique is mixing different styles. You can be very chic although you are wearing a beautiful bag and a dress purchased at the market.
    xxx Stefy

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      Ciao Stefy! I’m so happy that you like the post, you are the star. It really is fantastic advice thank you for sharing it & allowing me to photograph some of your beautiful wardrobe, I had a ball. xxx

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    All I want is world peace, a halt to climate change, and a PINK CHANEL BAG!!!!

    • avatar

      I’m all for that Samantha! 😉

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