All you need for perfect holiday make up

I’ll begin by saying that anyone can use just the products I describe here for this simple every day natural make up. However your colour choices will be determined by your personal skin tone. Simply substitute my colour choice for yours & the overall result will be the same.
Age on the other hand has absolutely no bearing on my Tutorial whatsoever!
In other words, even though I’ve called this post Natural Make Up Over 40 it works for any age group. In fact this is the perfect starter or introduction to make up for teenagers.
Here we go…

make up for a natural every day make up look

Begin by applying a thin coat of your favourite BB cream or tinted moisturizer

Mine is Maybelline because it has SPF 30 & I find the colour is an exact match to my skin tone.
To achieve this look you need to have the best concealer you can afford as that is the key to a flawless finish. I use Kevyn Aucoin skin enhancer, its beautiful velvety consistency combined with terrific coverage gives the day long staying power I need. Granted it’s expensive, however the pot will last a very long time & doubles as foundation if you mix a little with your moisturizer – Call it an investment wink

To apply it you’ll need a good brush made for the job (not fingers!) as we want to be precise with the application. Take a small amount of concealer onto the brush & go for only the areas on your face that are discoloured.

a) under the eyes

b) tip & corners of your nose if a little red as mine tend to be

c) any pigmentation, rosacea or broken capillaries.

Only use a little at a time, feather lightly blending out & away as you go. A good concealer doesn’t need to be piled on to get full coverage, allowing your natural skin to glow through is the aim here.

Next step is a light dusting of powder, this should be exactly matched to your skin colour so that it doesn’t create a mask. We want it to work with your perfectly applied concealer by gently blending it to your natural skin. Most powders are created equal these days although I’ve always used Mac – Also when I worked as a Make-Up Artist I used MAC on every possible skin colour so I’m qualified to rate it highly.

However that said, the cheaper brands are good too as long as you match your skin tone correctly. The only way to match the skin tone of your face is to test it on your face, not your hand. If this sounds too confusing don’t worry a trained make up artist at MAC will do it for you. Click here to find your nearest store.

It’s important to steer clear of anything with bronzer or shimmer because it can be quite aging & tends to settle in lines sigh
If you feel you need a tan you should use self tanner or have a spray tan, don’t colour your face by using a darker colour base than is appropriate. It doesn’t look natural & won’t match your neck therefore you’re fooling nobody.

Todays tutorial is all about achieving a natural make up look

Apply your powder with a full & soft brush like my Chanel Kabuki. Blend down the neck & out over the ears, no demarcation please girls!
Now you are set for the quick flick of a wrist, just three minutes & you’re done!

1. ALWAYS curl your eyelashes.

2. Two coats of black mascara top & bottom, I have excellent results with Chanel Ultra Noir & the one pictured by Tarte

3. Feather-light strokes of an eyebrow pencil that matches your brow colour, mine is always taupe.  Both Lancome & MAC do great natural colours devoid of any red pigment – follow this by blending the pencil with strokes of an eyebrow brush in the direction of hair growth.

Note the MAC pencil comes with a handy eyebrow brush attached.

4. Finger smudge a little rose-tinted lip & cheek stain on the apples of your cheeks then using a lip brush paint the same stain onto your lips as liner. I like the Benefit range, it’s brilliant for enhancing that naturally rosy look we seem to lose as we get older also they have a colour to suit all skins. Using this tint on your lips negates the need for lip pencil by subtly defining the natural lip line.

Alternatively, for more lip definition I use a fabulous nude lip pencil from The Body Shop. I’ve been using the Beech pencil for many years & recommend it as a make up bag staple. It gives a good base for any lip colour without exception. Additionally it can be used on its own to line & fill in the lips then finish with a little gloss.

Finally apply your favourite nude or pale pink lipstick or gloss. Right now I love Nars Belle De Jour which is very bare indeed. Sometimes I feel I need more of a pink tone & other days it’s just clear gloss for a dewy look, it all depends on how much sleep I’ve had. Lip colour is the only change I ever make for this every day natural make up.  Once you get the hang of it you’ll be doing it in five minutes flat too…

My natural make up – no photoshop required!

How to do a natural make up over 40 or any age Tutorial by RetroChicMama Over 40 FashionBeauty Blogger

My colour is on the left obvs, I’ve included the darkest option to demonstrate the wide range of skin shades on offer.

I do hope you enjoyed this post, if there’s anything specific you’d like to know please pop it in the comments box below.
Thanks for reading,

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    Thanks for this fabulous post. Really great reading. Jacqui

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    Thank you for posting a great read about the more natural look. As we advance in beauty age, it really is important to realize that we don’t have to pack on the products in order to look our best! During summer months, I practically ignore foundation, concealer. Now that autumn is creeping in…I’m using you as a guide!! XOXOXO!!!

    • avatar

      Absolutely true Catherine, less is best. I’m so thrilled to hear you’re using my tutorial as a guide. Lovely to see you on RCM xxx

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    I’m so getting this concealer! xx

    • avatar

      Fabulous Lisa, you’ll love it xxx

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    Reasons to Dress (@reasonstodress)

    OMGOODNESS can I actually print this out and tape it in my washroom?! I think I may. I have always admired your make up and I’m looking forward to more of these. Also, I never curl my lashes or wear mascara…so you’ve convinced me, and I need a brush and finishing powder and tip and cheek stain!! I have nothing!!

    • avatar

      Of course Angie! That’s exactly why I have the options at the bottom of the post xxx

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    Ah, the curling of the eye lashes. I know, we’re supposed to and that it makes such a difference. But being a lazy butt that I am 😉 I always forget. Missed you! xx Abby

    • avatar

      Phht not lazy you just don’t need to do it! xxx

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    Altogether fab advice particularly regarding the use of a concealer. I wear contacts so am always careful about which products I use as i do not want eye infections. I don’t tend to wear mascara on my lower lashes due to my age as I do not want to look over made up but will perhaps try it out for special occasions. I spend a lot of time in clothes suitable for walking my dog Angel – which I do daily – and am also a regular hiker. Very best, Allie (we met in the park today).

    • avatar

      Oh Allie I’m absolutely thrilled to bits to hear from you!
      Even wearing your “dog walking” outfit you looked chic & your make up was the perfect amount to be pretty yet subtle, just the way I like to wear mine! I could tell by your fabulous figure that you walk a lot. I believe it’s the best exercise there is.
      What you said to me that day was kind & uplifting, thank you so much for visiting RCM blog I really hope to hear from you again.

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    Kathryn Joseph

    Hi Michelle,
    In regards to powder do you use mineral powder or translucent powder?

    • avatar

      Hi Kathryn & welcome to RCM! When I worked as a make up artist I often used mineral powder as base on models with perfect skin. However, on my face (with some pigmentation) I find the coverage is good but still sheer using BB cream in conjunction with translucent powder. I don’t like a solid base because it’s aging on older skins but I need to even out my skin tone with concealer so it’s all about easily blending all 3 products. I hope this helps?

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    Pam McCarthy

    Hi Michelle,

    Loving your blog. Don’t normally wear a lot of make-up but your natural look is fantastic! Will definitely follow your tips for my next night out. Thx.


    • avatar

      Hi Pam thank you for taking the time to read it & leave a comment. Let me know how you get on trying out my make up style.

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    This is really helpful (I haven’t changed my makeup routine since my early twenties). Where would I get the concealer?

    • avatar

      You’re welcome Susannah, I’ll be posting make-up tips regularly so please pop by again. You’ll find Kevyn Aucoin make up at Space NK.

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