Culpo sisters triumph in New York with a glam suitcase

We have been observing how sisters, mothers, and daughters are forming an alliance to appear in international reality shows, fashion ads, and fashion shows for some time. Since the Kardashian-Jenner family gained notoriety with their TV show more than ten years ago, we can officially affirm that an intriguing substitute has been born with the Culpo name. If you enjoy talking about the fashion and beauty industries, Olivia, Sophia, and Aurora, three stunning sisters, will have enough to discuss.

Nothing is more fulfilling than working alongside the people you love the most, the ones you’ve known your entire life. The daughters of renowned chefs Peter and Susan Culpo entered the media industry by starting their own reality programme, which airs on television every week and allows viewers to watch their day-to-day activities, such as parties, events, travels, and yachting. The middle child of the family, Olivia, who is 30 years old and a successful entrepreneur, model, and influencer with more than 5 million followers, serves as the family’s major face. She has crowned Miss Universe in 2012 and shares a puppy named Oliver with NFL star Christian McCaffrey with whom she also has a lovely love story.

She has become a style icon thanks to her work in the fashion industry and is one of the most anticipated visitors during fashion weeks in Paris, London, and Milan. The eldest member of the family, Aurora, who is married to businessman Michael Bortone and the mother of two young children, has also been affected by this popularity, which is surrounded by wonderful pomp of elegance and glamour. Sophia, a twenty-something with a passion for fashion and food who is dating an athlete named Braxton Berrios, has also been affected.

The Culpo Sisters, the project that is rattling the Kardashian-Jenner family’s podium, has already been released on the TLC and Discovery platforms. It is one of the most significant projects of their lives. In order to advance their careers, they moved to New York City, where they established both their good taste in clothing as well as their already significant influence in the entertainment industry.

They have been spotted on the wide avenues of the Big Apple dressed in casual attire with a street style wink, like the Miu Miu pleated little skirt that went viral or the Valentino maxi platforms. Additionally, Vera Wang and Carolina Hererra contributed powerful and significantly more complex looks for a high-calibre party.

While they each have a distinctive style and like the newest trends, they consistently put their clothes together in creative ways. This particular aspect is mirrored in their opulent luggage, which is made up of garments befitting the professionals they are and priceless accessories that we like and will undoubtedly continue to see in the upcoming episodes of their exciting programme. Olivia Culpo just revealed herself to her admirers by delivering the eagerly anticipated and private trailer. “It is strange to consider the start of this new chapter alongside one of my greatest blessings in life, my family. Welcome to the family; I can’t wait to share the highs, lows, and everything in between with you! “.

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The brand-new wrap dress by Tamara Falcó is ideal for winter weddings as a guest outfit.

Despite the beauty of winter weddings, choosing the ideal guest look on chilly days is a little more challenging than in the summer, when a strapless dress takes care of the styling. Fortunately, capes, stoles, and other warm accessories are this season’s hot items at Zara and other Spanish retailers, perfect for pairing with, say, Tamara Falcó’s newest dress. Last night, an El Hormiguero collaborator stopped by Pablo Motos’ set with a crossover that looks fantastic in these dates’ events. This Mango option is a great choice for autumn/winter guests because of the burgundy colour and the length of the sleeves, and styling it is as easy as the designer demonstrated by donning it with Zara sandals.

The guest style that never fails is a wrap dress.
It is not by chance that it has been popular since Diane Von Fürstenberg created it in the 1970s. One of the most flattering guest dresses is the wrap dress since it accentuates the waist, fits all silhouettes thanks to its crossing and adds a lot of styles. Numerous copies of the original can currently be found in stores, but Tamara’s most recent style is one of the most popular ones for weddings. It is a cosy and incredibly exquisite design with a satin construction, V-neckline, and midi length.

The dress worn by Tamara is from Mango’s Fall/Winter collection and costs 49,99 euros. The stylists of the Barcelona company suggest wearing it with tall black boots in the lookbook, but the designer opted for a more elegant option to watch television: pair it with sandals tied at the ankle and wearing comfortable heels, a Zara suggestion that costs 59.95 euros but is currently out of stock on this retailer’s website.

The outfit Tamara wore about a week before to deciding on the burgundy dress was comparable, equally silky, and included the same waist-tie bow trick. That time, she wore a top and long skirt from her TFP x Pedro del Hierro collection, but because they were two items in the same colour, they managed to appear just as elegant as the guest dress she wore last night.

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Kate Moss’ infamous “naked dress,” which she wore in the 1990s, is back in her wardrobe!

Nobody could have predicted that Kate Moss would make history as a result of a straightforward fashion mistake and an unanticipated paparazzi flash. She created a new fever for fragile dresses in 1993, specifically ones fashioned from semi-transparent fabrics like the one she wore. This was a FASHION moment that made headlines throughout the globe at the time. Although we could believe that the MET Gala’s stairs have played a major role in popularising this trend over the past several editions, the top model was actually its true inspiration. She has reclaimed that distinction in a dazzling manner this week.

Although her standards for style are typically very high, we did not anticipate her to choose such anecdotal attire to attend an upscale party in London at Annabel’s restaurant. There are betting on the wardrobe she will wear for the forthcoming events. She joined Princess Olympia of Greece, model Ella Richards, and influencer Camille Cachierre on a fun date to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Coke Diet, the company for which she serves as creative director.

The mother of Lila Grace Moss, who just presented a gorgeous long design that brushes the floor, has been transformed into a true fashion icon. A remarkable concept made from a black, semi-transparent fabric that has an innovative geometric pattern made up of hundreds of small, shining appliqués that were hand-embroidered. Not only does she wear a famous naked dress look that showcases her slender and well-groomed physique, but it also has a dizzying cascading neckline that partially reveals her bare torso. She has only added a pair of long, thin chains, oval-shape diamond-studded dangling earrings, a watch with a matching face, a pair of patent leather heels with an XL platform, a silver mesh purse, and a sophisticated black cape as accessories, leaving the focal point of the outfit to that piece.

When did she get famous?
As we indicated at the beginning, we must travel back to the early 1990s, specifically to September 1993, when the then-20-year-old was at the pinnacle of her career as a model on the catwalks. She wore a unique silver slip dress with straps, no bra, black leggings, a pair of flip-flops at her feet, and a fully unmade-up face to the Look of the Year competition at the Hilton Hotel in London. She was unaware that the flash game would make her dress appear translucent at this very point when the photographer wanted to catch her entry to the event with the camera! When she saw the pictures, she later admitted it in an interview. Twenty years later, Kate Moss has picked the same pieces from her classic wardrobe!

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Sara Carbonero wins over her followers with a retributive outfit.

Sara Carbonero is always a style icon for her countless followers, whether it’s because of her denim crushes, her crochet creations, or her culotte pants. a classy, boho style of wearing where ease of wear and high taste are inseparable. Perhaps this explains why the internet becomes active every time the sports journalist puts a picture of herself on her page asking where she got each of the clothes she displays. the most recent? She strikes a flattering hippy pose while wearing a dress with a rainbow tie dye print; the outfit is not casual and sends a nice revengeful message.

Sara Carbonero made it known from the start that she was interested in fashion and trends despite having gained success as a sports journalist. So much so that she consistently displayed flattering propositions at each of her televised appearances. Her wardrobe continues to reflect a preference for fusing patterns and seasonally appropriate clothing, particularly when it comes to dresses. After staking on a number of concepts with various cuts, styles, and prints, Sara wanted to present a fresh idea this week that would be ideal to wear this weekend. The journalist is wearing a long, asymmetrical model by Rococo Sand with a ruffle at the bottom, sleeves with lacing at the wrists, a V-neckline, buttons on the front, and a rainbow tie-dye print in the most recent photo she shared with her followers, which was taken on the terrace of the Barceló Market in Madrid (374.94 euros).

In addition to the silhouette, the print of the garment contributes to its trendy design. Whether on T-shirts, skirts, or jeans, fading designs are one of the fashion experts’ top suggestions for this season. In the days when Madrid celebrates Pride, it was a good decision that is also rich in symbolism to depict the rainbow flag as a clear nod to the LGTBI collective. Sara made a kind gesture that was well-received by her friends and followers. one of them? Alejandro Sanz, Luca Rivera, or Isabel Jiménez. Sara’s fans, however, are not just won over by her clothing. Due to the combination of multiple chains of varying lengths and delicate rings, Agatha Paris, and brown wedge sandals by Popa, the journalist’s accessories on this occasion were able to provide an extra touch of bohemianism to the styling.

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