Culpo sisters triumph in New York with a glam suitcase

We have been observing how sisters, mothers, and daughters are forming an alliance to appear in international reality shows, fashion ads, and fashion shows for some time. Since the Kardashian-Jenner family gained notoriety with their TV show more than ten years ago, we can officially affirm that an intriguing substitute has been born with the Culpo name. If you enjoy talking about the fashion and beauty industries, Olivia, Sophia, and Aurora, three stunning sisters, will have enough to discuss.

Nothing is more fulfilling than working alongside the people you love the most, the ones you’ve known your entire life. The daughters of renowned chefs Peter and Susan Culpo entered the media industry by starting their own reality programme, which airs on television every week and allows viewers to watch their day-to-day activities, such as parties, events, travels, and yachting. The middle child of the family, Olivia, who is 30 years old and a successful entrepreneur, model, and influencer with more than 5 million followers, serves as the family’s major face. She has crowned Miss Universe in 2012 and shares a puppy named Oliver with NFL star Christian McCaffrey with whom she also has a lovely love story.

She has become a style icon thanks to her work in the fashion industry and is one of the most anticipated visitors during fashion weeks in Paris, London, and Milan. The eldest member of the family, Aurora, who is married to businessman Michael Bortone and the mother of two young children, has also been affected by this popularity, which is surrounded by wonderful pomp of elegance and glamour. Sophia, a twenty-something with a passion for fashion and food who is dating an athlete named Braxton Berrios, has also been affected.

The Culpo Sisters, the project that is rattling the Kardashian-Jenner family’s podium, has already been released on the TLC and Discovery platforms. It is one of the most significant projects of their lives. In order to advance their careers, they moved to New York City, where they established both their good taste in clothing as well as their already significant influence in the entertainment industry.

They have been spotted on the wide avenues of the Big Apple dressed in casual attire with a street style wink, like the Miu Miu pleated little skirt that went viral or the Valentino maxi platforms. Additionally, Vera Wang and Carolina Hererra contributed powerful and significantly more complex looks for a high-calibre party.

While they each have a distinctive style and like the newest trends, they consistently put their clothes together in creative ways. This particular aspect is mirrored in their opulent luggage, which is made up of garments befitting the professionals they are and priceless accessories that we like and will undoubtedly continue to see in the upcoming episodes of their exciting programme. Olivia Culpo just revealed herself to her admirers by delivering the eagerly anticipated and private trailer. “It is strange to consider the start of this new chapter alongside one of my greatest blessings in life, my family. Welcome to the family; I can’t wait to share the highs, lows, and everything in between with you! “.