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So you’ve stumbled upon RetroChicMama & you’re wondering what it’s all about?
Primarily RCM is a fashion & style blog for women over 40 – Daily outfits & Make-Up tips, home decorating ideas & travel stories mixed in with my mid-life musings.
I’m still working out the technical side of blogging because I started from scratch with no internet experience what so ever.

On the other hand I have a wealth of knowledge & deep love of fashion, hair styling & Make-Up. You can rest assured I’ll steer you in the right direction with a regular dose of style inspiration. Stick around for that & let me know what you think.
Read on for a brief back story of how I got here…

From a very young age I was fashion conscious

I also had a natural talent for hairdressing. I tortured my siblings mastering the art of the perfect haircut! There was never any doubt in my mind what I wanted to do.

With a British mum, Grandmother & Great Aunt I grew up listening to exciting stories about life for girls in London during the Blitz. So it was no surprise that as soon as I completed my 4 year hairdressing apprenticeship I threw on a backpack & headed for London!

Just turned 20 years of age, I travelled all over Europe & the UK for 2 years, working only long enough to carry on my journey. I had an amazing time learning about different cultures & meeting all sorts of interesting people then the time came to return to Oz & get serious about my career.

I completed a professional Make-up Artistry course in Sydney & with my hair styling talent pretty soon, was working in television! It was an exciting time doing Make-up & Hair for channel 7 (among other Companies) Working for many years with some of the industries most talented young actors, people like Isla Fisher, Melissa George, Sam Worthington & Chris Hemsworth to name a few.

When I turned 30 the lure of London was back in my thoughts & it wasn’t long before I’d packed up my life in Sydney & began a new one in South London.

The bulk of my work was now photo shoots & editorial, again I was enjoying an exciting career & social life meeting & working with amazing people. Now with the convenience of European travel on my doorstep I was taking as many trips as I could fit between jobs.

With a passion for design & architecture as well as fashion I couldn’t get enough of all things European France, Spain, Denmark, Germany but especially Italy where I still visit every year to this day!

At 36 I met my future husband & by 38 had given birth to our first baby. I went back to work freelance in TV but soon realised I simply couldn’t leave my baby girl, Kiara.

I made the decision to be a stay at home Mum

Incidentally it’s by far the toughest job I’ve ever had & I’ve picked veg in the Israeli desert!

Little did I know at the time, I was closing the book on a massive chapter of my life & beginning a new one!

By 40 my beautiful blue-eyed, blonde haired baby boy Jasper had come along.

Finally at 43 I had my water baby. Lucia the little mermaid born in a pool. Since then life has been pretty hectic to say the least! However as the years whizzed by it became obvious I needed to get back out into the world of grown ups.

As the children are all now at school they don’t need me quite so much, well at least for a few hours during the day. For my sanity as much as business, I began this Blog.

Which brings us to RetroChicMama

Aka Chapter 3 of my life…

This is where I can express my creativity & style.

Linking up with like-minded ladies over 40 who don’t want to buy cheap clothes made in a sweat shop. Women who make thoughtful, informed decisions when they shop. Women curating their wardrobes for life by collecting clever key pieces & re-styling them over again.
I have big dreams for RCM!

There is so much I want to achieve with the blog. I do hope you’ll join me on this new journey,
Thanks so much for popping by…Mx

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