Sara Carbonero wins over her followers with a retributive outfit.

Sara Carbonero is always a style icon for her countless followers, whether it’s because of her denim crushes, her crochet creations, or her culotte pants. a classy, boho style of wearing where ease of wear and high taste are inseparable. Perhaps this explains why the internet becomes active every time the sports journalist puts a picture of herself on her page asking where she got each of the clothes she displays. the most recent? She strikes a flattering hippy pose while wearing a dress with a rainbow tie dye print; the outfit is not casual and sends a nice revengeful message.

Sara Carbonero made it known from the start that she was interested in fashion and trends despite having gained success as a sports journalist. So much so that she consistently displayed flattering propositions at each of her televised appearances. Her wardrobe continues to reflect a preference for fusing patterns and seasonally appropriate clothing, particularly when it comes to dresses. After staking on a number of concepts with various cuts, styles, and prints, Sara wanted to present a fresh idea this week that would be ideal to wear this weekend. The journalist is wearing a long, asymmetrical model by Rococo Sand with a ruffle at the bottom, sleeves with lacing at the wrists, a V-neckline, buttons on the front, and a rainbow tie-dye print in the most recent photo she shared with her followers, which was taken on the terrace of the Barceló Market in Madrid (374.94 euros).

In addition to the silhouette, the print of the garment contributes to its trendy design. Whether on T-shirts, skirts, or jeans, fading designs are one of the fashion experts’ top suggestions for this season. In the days when Madrid celebrates Pride, it was a good decision that is also rich in symbolism to depict the rainbow flag as a clear nod to the LGTBI collective. Sara made a kind gesture that was well-received by her friends and followers. one of them? Alejandro Sanz, Luca Rivera, or Isabel Jiménez. Sara’s fans, however, are not just won over by her clothing. Due to the combination of multiple chains of varying lengths and delicate rings, Agatha Paris, and brown wedge sandals by Popa, the journalist’s accessories on this occasion were able to provide an extra touch of bohemianism to the styling.